Ticketybrew Pale Ale

ABV: 5.5%

Web: www.ticketybrew.co.uk

Twitter: @TicketyBrew

Instragram: @ticketybrewers

Ticketybrew Pale Ale.

I just love the name Ticketybrew. This Pale Ale is the first beer I’ve sampled from the brewery, and while it doesn’t exactly float my boat, I’m intrigued enough to try more of the company’s core beer range.

APPEARANCE: Cloudy, hazy copper with a thin, almost non-existent white head, which dissipates rapidly. Ticketybrew acknowledges that its Pale Ale is “darker than most nowadays.” According to the company’s website, the colour is more like a classic English pale “due to the Cara and Munich malt that is used.” It adds:  “However, we have used American hops much more associated with modern pales.”

AROMA: Orange is the overpowering aroma. It is all orange from the off before some apple and pear filter through to complete the citrus burst. There is also a floral hint. Overall, the aroma is nice when it balances out, however it dies a bit too quickly.

FLAVOUR: Fruit and dried fruit dominate the flavour. It is pretty hoppy with pine evident too. This leaves if sweet and fruity with a dry finish.

MOUTHFEEL: The mouthfeel is okay, but it feels a bit too thin.

OVERALL: As I said, this Pale Ale doesn’t exactly float my boat but it’s okay. For me, it’s a bit too light and one-dimensional. Yes, the aromas and flavours are there, but they are all a bit fleeting. That said, I can see how this would be a refreshing pour on a hot summer day.

PC RATING: 19/50 (Fair).

SAMPLE SOURCE: My own collection.
DISCLAIMER: I am not a beer expert, just a guy who loves beer and writing about it from a completely personal point of view. All opinions expressed are mine and the only influence on what rating I give comes purely from what I think of what’s in the bottle.








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