Justice Pale Ale

ABV: 4.5%

Web: www.kellysmountainbrew.com

Twitter: @kellysmountain

Facebook: @KellysMountainBrew

Instagram: @kellysmountainbrew

YouTube: Kelly’s Mountain Brew

Justice is the first of Kelly’s Heroes – so says the label on the back of this bottle. So I’ll get this out of the way right from the off. Just because Kelly’s Heroes if my favourite movie, it has no bearing on what my thoughts are on this beer!

Kelly’s Mountain Brew is an independent family run micro brewery founded by Ronan and Jacqui Kelly. Based in Clane, County Kildare, Justice Pale Ale was the brewery’s first beer.

Justice is one of three Kelly’s Brew bottles I received from Craft Beer Club Ireland, which is a new venture by a group of guys who – like myself – want to promote the local craft beer industry.  Joining such a club is a great way of not only trying out new craft beers, but also supporting local businesses and becoming part of a wider online craft beer community.

APPEARANCE: Medium, cloudy orange with a decent frothy head. Looks good.

Justice Pale Ale.

AROMA: Tropical fruits with pineapple and mango to the fore with some banana. Quite sweet with a toasty, malty note and light on the hops.

FLAVOUR: This is where the maltiness comes into its own. It’s almost like a role reversal of the aroma. You get the same things, but in a different ratio. That toasty, malty flavour is the king here. It reminds me of the biscuit base of a cheesecake, then those tropical flavours filter through. For me, it blends together brilliantly well.

MOUTHFEEL: Creamy, velvety and malty with smooth finish. Ticks another box and complements everything else that is going on.

OVERALL: Top notch all round. It looks great, smells great, tastes great and feels great. Malty and sweet, but not too sweet. Not only is Justice a Kelly’s Hero, it is also Paddy Corkscrew Approved More please!

PC RATING: 39/50 (Excellent).

Here is a description of Justice Pale Ale from the guys who make it (from the Kelly’s Mountain Brew website):

Justice is the first beer produced by Kelly’s Mountain Brew and is a great entry-level beer for people wishing to explore the world of Irish craft beer. The recipe is a 2 malt 2 hop easy drinking pale ale with a smooth finish that is a well-balanced pale ale with hints of nut and sweet biscuit flavours. It is a perfect drink to enjoy during barbecue season with a creamy vegan garlic pasta and roasted tomatoes.

SAMPLE SOURCE: Craft Beer Club Ireland.
DISCLAIMER: I am not a beer expert, just a guy who loves beer and writing about it from a completely personal point of view. All opinions expressed are mine and the only influence on what rating I give comes purely from what I think of what’s in the bottle.







2 thoughts on “Justice Pale Ale

  1. Just cracked open my own bottle of the Justice pale ale and you’ve got it spot on Paddy. Really well balanced, toasty and sweet – a beer that would compliment food well. Hops are there but aren’t the front note, just enough bitter on the aftertaste to round the flavour off and let you know they’re there. I’ve had a few of the Kelly’s Mountain Brews now and this is one of the best among a great selection of craft beers!

    Now to find somewhere handy that stocks them….

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