The Túath is out there!

One of the pleasures of whiskey is not just drinking it, it’s drinking it from a good glass.

The type of glass you drink your chosen dram from can make all the difference to your drinking experience. There are many different types of glasses out there, but the Túath glass is certainly one of the most eye-catching.

When it caught my eye a few days ago, I just had to have one. And when it arrived in the mail, let’s just say it was a case of Christmas coming early!

Billed as capturing in a single glass the generosity of the spirit of the Irish, Túath is taken from Tu-ah – the Irish for nation or people.

That immediately becomes evident when you see the glass. Bigger than the classic Glencairn, you’ll certainly get a much more generous pour in there. The conical shape retains that ideal for nosing and tasting. and the tulip-like opening is just the business for easy-sipping.

The Túath Irish whiskey glass.

The unique design of the glass isn’t limited to the its shape and capacity. The base is also innovative. A semi-circle at one side contrasts with an indented triangular finish at the other.

This just doesn’t look good, it serves a crucial purpose. The design of the base allows the glass to naturally fit in your hand, ideally with your thumb to the front, forefinger to the rear and middle finger in the indent, with the others providing support at the bottom.  Of course, it’s up to you what way you want to hold it, but it all lends itself to a very natural feel.


On top of its design allowing for a perfect whiskey nosing and tasting experience, the quality is top notch too. It’s of a good, sturdy structure – much like us Irish whiskey drinkers!

While it may be marketed specifically at the Irish whiskey sector, pour a Bourbon, Rye or Scotch in there and you won’t be disappointed either! All in all, a great new addition to the market which will definitely be in regular use  in my reviews from now on. I’m more than happy to give this glass the thumbs up and it is most definitely Paddy Corkscrew Approved!

If you want to pick up a glass for yourself, check out the following links: The Celtic Whiskey Shop and the James Fox Cigar and Whiskey Store.

Check out the Túath website for more info too.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a whiskey expert, just a guy who loves whiskey and writing about all aspects of it from a completely personal point of view. While the glass for this review was kindly supplied by, all opinions expressed are mine.





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