Irish guy – likes a drink!

Welcome to my blog.

I was once aptly described as: “Irish guy. Likes a drink.” That was quite a while ago but it remains true to this day.

I have a passion for all things whiskey, particularly Bourbon, and wine. My ethos is that these great things in life are for drinking and sharing – and so I want to share my experiences with you.

Paddy Corkscrew

The purpose of paddycorkscrew.com is simple – to create an all-in-one site about all things alcohol in a fun and informative way. There will be reviews, news, features and profiles on shakers and movers in the drinks industry – and a bit of ‘craic’ along the way too.


I want to inspire you to try new things and just simply enjoy the fantastic range of drams that that are out there, whether it be whiskey, beer, wine, gin, vodka…whatever! If I drink it, I’ll write about it.

So, sit back, pour yourself a wee dram of whatever takes your fancy and join me in a journey through the wonderful world of alcohol exploration.

Just to be clear, I’m no whiskey or wine expert, just a guy with a passion for them. My background is in journalism, corporate communications and digital media and I want to use that experience to share things I believe should be both shared and enjoyed.

So, let Paddy Corkscrew be your bevvy blogger. Follow me on social media, subscribe to my blog and let’s enjoy the journey together. As we embark on this journey, join me in raising a glass in memory of that great author Mark Twain, who famously said:




If you’re on Facebook, check out these two groups: Whiskey Bourbon and Scotch Enthusiasts (I’m one of the moderators) and the British Bourbon Society (I’m an enthusiastic member).  Two of the best groups around, full of informative and helpful people who share a common passion.


Paddy Corkscrew.